Petition to taboo these nice insults

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The Problem

Like any usual Monday for me, it’s leg day at the gym. I’ll start off with some light cardio and a few warm up stretches before diving into my grueling lower body workout.

It’s been like that for awhile, probably about three years. I love to strength train and push my body. I love seeing the benefits that come from training, specifically the functionality it provides in my day-to-day activities.

I don’t consider myself a bodybuilder or bikini competitor or power lifter. …

There was once someone who walked down a city sidewalk…

It’s a beautiful sunny day out and you’re walking down the sidewalk. Birds sing their lovely songs and trees wave in tune. Nothing could harm such a precious day, you think as you whistle along with the birds.

You have such high hopes for a day like today. Creativity is spilling out of you and you dream of finally checking every box off on your never-ending to-do list. What a treat it will be.

But then you see it. In the distance, someone is walking towards you.

Your sunny world…

A short musing.

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Everything today centers on being perfect, and I’m sick of it.

I consider posting a picture to social media, but nope, not perfect. Can’t post it. Because how can I compare to the beautiful world that lives on Instagram? My picture wasn’t taken with a $10,000 camera and it definitely wasn’t edited with pastel colors that properly align with the hues in the photo.

My clothes aren’t dripping with exquisite taste or nailing down the popular street style I so often see celebrities pulling off. I’m just, well, me and the picture captures that. I don’t look…

What you don’t know about the crime scene in my pants.

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To those of you that don’t believe

To the women who belittled me.

To the men who judged without justification.

To the boss that assumed I was faking it.

To my friends for getting upset when I canceled.

To all of you, for not opening your eyes and listening to the truth of my words.

They’re surrounding you

Up to 20% of women suffer from period pain so severe that they can’t perform their daily activities. The majority of these women are typically young adults in their teens or in their 20s.

That’s a lot of women, and as…

I only pretend to be okay with it.

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Dear sister,

You hurt me.

I considered you one of my best friends.

We were supposed to take on the world together. To show them who we were and what we could do.

You were one of my rocks. You supported me and helped me understand other perspectives.

All of our deep conversations have stuck in my heart, planted themselves so that I will remember your wisdom even in my old age.

The times we spent running around as children or sneaking into forbidden areas are memories that used to make me happy. …

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We have the power to create or destroy. You choose with what you speak.

Learning the Importance of Words

From a young age, I realized the potential words had. I grew up swallowing books (not literally, although that would be something) and the impact they had on my life was metamorphic. I began craving the words that would transport me to worlds with dragons and magic; not to mention the adventures that had me heavy breathing, eyes-gulping-down-the-words, begging for the antagonist to live another day.

I simply couldn’t get enough. Reading was anything I could ever ask for. But then, one day a thought weaseled…

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Stop right there before you say anymore!

The Prequel

As someone who sits across from the copy room at work, I hear plenty of juicy news everyday, whether it be that a sister’s cousin’s fiance is pregnant or that Jennifer in marketing has been hanging out with Alex in accounting.

The gossip varies day to day, but on a day when a popular TV show aired the night before, that’s when the excited talk gets a little bit louder. …

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Google has thrown their hat into the gaming arena, with plans to bring a console-free gaming experience to any household with an internet connection in late 2019. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy with the future prospect Google has surprised us with.

We’ve seen streaming and instantly accessible DLC before, but never like this. Never without a console.

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Google has created a platform designed to stream video games over TV, smartphones, and tablets without a console.

Introducing… Stadia! Honestly, not my favorite name Google. Not my favorite.

Stadia is essentially Netflix for…

How to avoid becoming a useless string.

You have a rubber band in your hand. You start stretching it apart to see how far it can go. Stretching and stretching and stretching until — snap! It breaks, and you’re left with a rubbery string that’s essentially useless to you now.

Reflecting on your actions before the break, you think: why did I continue stretching it when I knew it was going to snap?

Well, welcome to the human mind.

We want to go-go-go all the time and never stop for air. …

Amanda Kimmen

Writer. Avid reader. Stay-at-home astronaut. Prone to be obsessive when I really like something.

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