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Should Broadcasting Spoilers at the Office be Forbidden?

Stop right there before you say anymore!

As someone who sits across from the copy room at work, I hear plenty of juicy news everyday, whether it be that a sister’s cousin’s fiance is pregnant or that Jennifer in marketing has been hanging out with Alex in accounting.

The gossip varies day to day, but on a day when a popular TV show aired the night before, that’s when the excited talk gets a little bit louder. Coworkers sneak away from their desks and brazenly discuss what happened while waiting for their coffee to brew (yes, there’s a coffee machine in the copy room).

Usually, I don’t mind the gossip and just ignore it most of the time. That is, until I haven’t seen a show that people are broadcasting to the whole damn world.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Game of Thrones has just begun it’s final season. With the twists and turns that transpire in every episode, it’s only natural that people want to gush their theories and feelings to fellow GOT lovers. But is it okay to talk about spoilers anywhere?

I’m just like any other GOT-obsessed fool, but I haven’t started watching the final season yet which has aired 2 episodes so far. No I’m not crazy or torturing myself, in fact, I’ve been re-watching the show starting from season 1 with my boyfriend who has never seen it. We’ve made it to season 7 and are so close to the end that I decided I could wait to watch season 8 with him.

Seeing as I have not seen the new season, I am not very fond of others who decide to spout spoilers in the workplace… which is exactly what happened the other day.

It’s a Monday morning around 8:30 a.m. and two people are having a loud conversation about what happened on last night’s episode. I start panicking because I know a spoiler is about to drop like a bomb. So, in the spur of the moment, I get up and walk over to the copy room to nicely tell them that I had not seen the episode and if they would mind not talking about it, I would really appreciate it.

The guy nodded and seemed to be okay with it, but the girl didn’t seem to think I had a right to ask such a thing. As I walked away, I thought I heard her say something rude about me to her partner in crime, but I wasn’t quite sure.

I try to stay away from work drama, and I’m usually not one to even engage in that type of conversation, but it didn’t seem fair to me that they were about to spoil the entirety of the episode.

It got me thinking, when is it okay to talk about spoilers? If a TV show airs, are the people who haven’t seen it just supposed to suck it up and deal with the spoilers since they missed the episode? Or, are others supposed to be respectful to the ones who haven’t seen it yet? Does it depend on how long it’s been?

As this almost-spoiler was for Game of Thrones, my answer would be to respect those who have not seen it yet, as it is a widely-loved TV show that enthralls a variety of people. You never know who might be watching it in your workplace so why ruin it for them?

Obviously, it would be impossible to stop everyone from spoiling the plot, but I think it all comes down to when and where. If you work in a big office, chances are that a decent amount of your coworkers are watching the same thing. Broadcasting last night’s big twist in the copy room or break room is probably not fair to those that might have just started GOT or haven’t had a chance to watch it.

Maybe I’m completely mad and people should have the right to loudly talk about it if it’s already aired. Maybe other people in my position have just accepted that it’s going to be spoiled for them.

What do you think? Have you been spoiled?

Writer. Avid reader. Stay-at-home astronaut. Prone to be obsessive when I really like something.

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